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Google Maps Navigation Gets Helicopter View

A new feature has been added to Google Maps navigation service, aimed at allowing users to have a Helicopter View of the surroundings, while exploring a particular area, the 13 year old Internet search king proudly announced.

According to Google, the new offering has been made keeping in mind the requirements of those who were demanding the already-massively popular service to be made more entertaining and more indicative.

With this, now users will have a third option as well, in addition to the already existing birds-eye satellite imagery, and plain maps.

“Let’s say you’re planning a road trip down the beautiful coast of California’s Highway 1 and want to be able to see what the route really looks like,” the company explained via a blog post.

“Start by entering your starting point, destination, and mode of transport like any directions... Then, just click on the “3D” play button. The map will switch to Earth view and automatically start flying you along your recommended route,” it added.

According to reports, the new feature can be accessed only by installing the Google Earth plug-in. However, the company is yet to shed any light into that aspect.