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Google's Weapon Against iPhone 5: Android Ice Cream Sandwich

With the launch of Apple's new flagship device at hand, Google is hoping to rain on the iPhone's parade with the introduction of its revolutionary new operating system.

Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich is the new software that will allow Android smartphones and tablets to share the same interface and apps, superseding Gingerbread OS for smartphones and Android Honeycomb for tablets.

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With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google intends to introduce "one operating system everywhere", set to work on all Android devices, even with older models. The Samsung Galaxy S range of smartphone models, HTC and Sony Ericsson are all expected to implement Google's new technology.

This new software is rumoured to have an enhanced user interface with holographic visuals, panel for multitasking, tabbed browsing, and a new app launcher. Users will also be able to benefit from face recognition technology, which is going to improve the video calling experience, the intelligent camera will be able to track a user's face and provide various useful features.

There is also good news for gamers; a new USB hosting function will allow an external controller, Playstation for instance, to be plugged in. Rumour has it that Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be unveiled in October or November.

Now that Google has bought Motorola, Ice Cream Sandwich will be the perfect weapon that will endow Google's hardware with the ammunition to battle Apple, Microsoft's Windows Phone and other hardware giants. Will Apple's iPhone 5 / iOS 5 succumb to such a powerful combination?

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