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HTC Believes Windows Phone 7 Will ‘Be Better Than Other Platforms’

The Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturing giant HTC is basking in the glory of Microsoft. HTC mobiles and Windows operating system have long association. Some of the most popular and successful smart phones from HTC are Windows phones.

And now, this faith of HTC on Windows is paying off with Windows phone making up almost 30% of its total sale. After witnessing such huge success of the Windows phones the HTC is planning to introduce more Windows phones in the future featuring various new applications.

As a matter of fact, Melvin Chua, HTC’s Manager, Singapore stated that “We believe that Windows Phone 7 will eventually be better than other platforms and will give Android a run for its money” reports Forbes.

It is a very significant statement coming from HTC as they are the manufacturers of some of the most successful Android smartphones such as the HTC EVO, HTC Incredible and HTC desire and the second biggest developer of Android phones.

Further, the Mango update of the Windows that brings more than 500 features to the original operating system will improve the market position of Windows based phones. In short, the future of HTC smartphones having Windows OS is bright and very profitable for both the companies.

The recent Windows phones to hit the market are the HTC TITAN and HTC Radar.