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Photos of iPhone 5's "Little Brother" Emerge

A facility producing Apple's iPhones has apparently been infiltrated and photos depicting the new iPhone codenamed the N90A have been taken and posted online.

The tech site Gizmodo says they managed to "get one of their men inside" the Foxconn plant in Brazil which has been manufacturing Apple's new iPhone handsets.

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"N90" is said to be the codename for the iPhone 4 whilst the CDMA version is dubbed the "N92" in Apple's system; there is speculation about the mysterious "A" suffix following the iPhone 4 codename.

Some have deduced that this is the SKU for an 8 GB model of the existing iPhone 4, meant for entry-level users looking for a cheaper device.

This would not be an unprecedented strategy for Apple. According to recent reports, Apple continues to be selling previous, low-priced models very succesfully alongside the next-generation devices. The iPhone 3GS, for instance, keeps on scoring well among AT&T subscribers, occupying the second position in handset sales.

Conflicting reports related to the iPhone 5 have split analysts. There is still no certain information about what is hiding behind the "N94" codename. While some suggest that highly upgraded innards will be covered by an old design, others expect a brand new design, based on recently leaked photos featuring iPhone sleeves as well as photos disclosed by manufacturing sources.

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