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iPhone 5 Specs And Pricing, Revealed By Regional US Carrier

Less than 24 hours before the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone, the buzz around the so called "iPhone 5" is reaching a crescendo. As Apple's partners are gearing up for the upcoming sales, receiving accessories and updating internal systems, there are a flood of leaked pictures and disclosures.

One recent revelation comes from Cincinnati Bell, a regional US wireless carrier, not quite in the same league as Apple's confirmed partners Verizon and AT&T. However, in the prepaid phones section of the Cincinnati Bell website (opens in new tab) a new item appeared for a brief time, named the "iPhone 5 32 GB".

At the subsidised price of $639.99, as opposed to $699 without contract, the device was described as having an 8MB camera, 4-inch screen and 4G data speeds. There was no icon to divulge further details and the button "add to basket" was understandably missing.

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Another screenshot from the same source let slip an additional newcomer in the iPhone family, under the tag "iPhone 4S 16 GB". The specifications for this new device indicate 5MP camera, 3.5-inch display and A5 processor. The price specified for the subscribers was $99.99, with $300 savings from the regular price.

Whether these were only fabricated handsets meant to boost web traffic or it was real information from a legitimate source will be seen in around 18 and a half hours, when the smartphone(s) is announced by new Apple CEO Tim Cook (possibly with a cameo from Steve Jobs?)

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