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Japan Seeks Private Firms Help to Detect, Deter Future Cyber Attacks

The Japanese government is planning to rope in private firms following the cyber attack on defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy.

According to Reuters, the government will be sharing key information with the security firms in order to get to the bottom of the situation.

The government plans to ask private companies like defense contractors, railway operators, utilities providers and others, to forge an agreement with government bodies for sharing information on cyber attacks.

Japan believes that sharing information between public and private companies about cyber attacks will help them defend against future cyber intrusions. The agreement will allow companies to share information with each other without identifying the entity that was attacked.

It has also been reported that the government will not try to pass a law which will require companies to report cyber attacks to the government as it would be too difficult to do so.

The United States government is pressuring Japan not to take the cyber attack lightly as Mitsubishi Heavy works closely with US defense contractor Boeing. Mitsubishi Heavy has not revealed whether any information related to its projects was stolen by the hackers.