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Late News: Google Updates Panda, Firefox 7 Released, PlayStation Vita 3G Download Limit

Google launched the latest version of Panda last week -- the search-algorithm used by the company in order to rank web pages in an incoming search request. The new update, dubbed Panda 2.5, was however, downplayed by the company as merely one of the many changes it usually carries out in the algorithms every year.

Web browser maker Mozilla issued a security update last week, patching a total of 11 vulnerabilities in the Firefox for desktop version, alongside an upgrade of the browser to its version 7. The biggest enhancement that can be found in the Firefox 7, according to Mozilla, is a significant reduction in the amount of memory used by the browser.

Japan based PlayStation maker Sony Corp. has reportedly confirmed that it will be placing a 20 MB file size download limit on the 3G version of its forthcoming handheld gaming console PlayStation Vita.

Telmap, an Israel based mobile navigation software manufacturing company, has declared that chip maker giant Intel has signed an agreement to acquire the company. The details of the deals are yet to be disclosed official but, AFP reports that the deal could be at somewhere around the $300 Million mark.

Smartphone maker Sony Ericsson has decided to work closely with developers creating custom Android ROM for devices in order to learn from them. The company said in a blog post that it has decided to support an open source developer group called ‘FreeXperia’, which creates custom Android ROMs based on the CyanogenMod for several Sony Ericsson phones like the Xperia ARC and Play.