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More than Basics Taught During Web Development Online Conference

A new online conference series presented at UK Tech Days teaches participants how to create professional and user-friendly web apps for websites and mobile phone technology. During this conference, participants will review what makes a quality web app and how to use Microsoft tools to create quality apps on IE9. Web apps that appeal to a wide variety of users, apps that are easy to use and provide information or a service maintain popularity and can contribute to the overall success of a product or service.

While participants do not have to be professional web devlopers, basic knowledge of IE9 and web app development can enhance the learning experience. Upon registering for the conference, participants will receive links to several videos that provide the background information needed to gain the most from the conference. It is recommended that participants take the time to review these videos prior to the conference.

Participation in this exciting online conference is free to anyone with an interest in web development and using IE9 to create web apps. Students, professional web developers or those with an interest in online marketing or enhancing an existing website are invited to join the conference. After the training session, participants will engage in an online discussion to further their understanding of web app creation.

Instructors for this conference include Martin Beeby and a special guest. During this 2-hour conference, both will teach the basics of web app creation, using IE9 and HTML5. Having a better understanding of these technologies allows participants to create web apps that are easy to use and professional in appearance.

During the interactive portion of the conference, participants are encouraged to ask questions and post comments about the training or particular aspect of web app creation they are struggling with. Being able to ask questions directly to trainers and experts allows for a deeper understanding of web app creation and may help other participants with similar quesitons or concerns.

Interactive discussions also serve as a brain storming session to get participants thinking about ways to use what they have learned and apply it to their websites. Learning from others who have similar concerns creates a sense of community.

Websites and web apps each serve the same purpose, but are presented in a different way. The purpose is to inform visitors about specific goods and services, but are different in that a website may provide useful information while an app creates an interactive experience but still provides information. Learning how to create both and then using both to attract visitors is essential when trying to reach out to potential customers and others.

Reviewing the video content in the registration confirmation email helps participants develop a foundation in web app creation and in web development itself. Since this conference is geared towards IE9, understanding why this platform is different from Chrome or Firefox helps participants appreciate the differences in the approach to web app creation.

Register for this conference to download video content prior to the start of the conference.