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Mozilla Launches Firefox 7 With Reduced Memory Usage

Web browser maker Mozilla issued a security update last week, patching a total of 11 vulnerabilities in the Firefox for desktop version, alongside an upgrade of the browser to its version 7.

The launch of the Firefox 7.0 happens to be the third consecutive upgrade carried out by the open source browser maker, thus eventually meeting the deadline it had set earlier in the year, promising to unveil a new version of Firefox in every six week.

The biggest enhancement that can be found in the Firefox 7, according to Mozilla, is a significant reduction in the amount of memory used by the browser. The company had previously claimed that the updated version will be lowering the memory consumption by up to 50 percent.

"Firefox [7] manages memory more efficiently to deliver a nimble Web browsing experience," Mozilla stated on Tuesday while launching the new version.

"Users will notice Firefox is faster at opening new tabs, clicking on menu items and buttons on websites," it added.

The company also stated that the upgraded version will benefit the Windows OS users the most.