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Oracle Takes on SAP, IBM with Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine

Enterprise software maker Oracle Corp. has unveiled a new computer system, which, the company claims, is capable of working much faster by analyzing the data within its dynamic RAM (random access memory).

The new move, according to industry observers, is basically aimed at increasing market share of the company, and subsequently countering the challenges coming from its arch rival SAP AG.

The new machine, dubbed the Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine, will be running Oracle’s Essbase and Times Ten databases in its main memory. Both Times Ten and Essbase were acquired by Oracle in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

Oracle brags that the new system can carry out data analysis multiple times faster than machines that store data on drives.

“Everything runs faster if you keep it in DRAM -- if you keep it in main memory. You ask more questions, you get better answers”, Larry Ellison - the Chief Executive Officer said in a keynote address at a conference in San Francisco, according to this Business Week report.

“We want to take IBM on in their strongest suit, which is the microprocessor,” added Ellison, perhaps raising the alarm in the U.S based supercomputer and PC maker.