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Single-Letter Domain Names Popular with Brand Name Companies Facebook, Google, Mecedes-Benz

A new report has revealed that the popularity of single-letter domain names is soaring in the UK with big brands such as Google, Mercedes Benz and Facebook bidding for these URL addresses.

According to data received from the latest auction carried out by Nominet - the agency responsible for looking after the country’s web infrastructure - single letter domain names such as, etc. have emerged as the most popular addresses.

The revelation by Nominet also highlights how twelve single letter URL addresses fetched an average amount, as high as £39,000 each during the auction. Nominet says that it raised £3 million from the auction.

Social media juggernaut Facebook managed to pocket the address, while Mercedez Bend successfully snapped, according to a Financial Times report.

The address did not go to search giant Google as every one was perhaps expecting. Instead, the domain was purchased by ANY-Web Ltd, an Internet investment firm.

“It was an auction of the most significant Internet real estate to come on the market ever,” one of the investors reportedly told the Financial Times, according (opens in new tab) to the Telegraph.