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Sony Imposes 20MB Download Limit for 3G on PlayStation Vita

Japan based PlayStation maker Sony Corp. has reportedly confirmed that it will be placing a 20 MB file size download limit on the 3G version of its forthcoming handheld gaming console PlayStation Vita.

According to report by ASCII, Sony is placing the download limit only during the initial days of the device, and could change it in the days to come - however, it did not mentioned till when.

The report further stated that the move has been taken by the console giant keeping in mind the limitations of the existing 3G technology.

Apparently, Sony also revealed that they are currently collaborating closely with developers, in order to assist them in making the best use of the upload and download speeds of 3G.

The company reassured users saying that in spite of the limitations imposed by the download limit, the PS Vita users will be enable to make purchase for the device via the PlayStation Store with 3G, as well as Wi-Fi.

PlayStation Vita is expected to be hitting the stores in Japan on December 17, which will soon be followed by its release in the Western countries and other parts of the world anytime during early 2012.