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Thousands Of Google Employees Enlisted To Produce New Beer

Sounds like the perfect April fool's joke, but it ain't. In what looks like a great PR exercise (and a great case study for Apps & Hangouts), Beer specialist Dogfish Head Brewery has polled "thousands" of Google employees worldwide using Google Moderator to find out what they'd like to put in a special edition Dogfish Head Beer.

A small team of Google employees then helped the brewer tweak the recipe and put together a limited edition beer that bears the Google stamp of approval (although Google doesn't officially support it).

The beer, known as URKontinent, has already gone on sale but due to limited availability, it won't be available in growlers unfortunately. Given that it has an ABV of 8.1 per cent, it is likely to pack a pretty powerful punch (that's twice the ABV of some more popular brews like Guinness or Beck's Vier).

Sam Caligione, the head of Dogfish Head, says that the beer is a "valentine to boot-strapping entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries all over the world,” who like Google itself, brought a slew of flavours (and beer traditions) from all over the world.

According to the beer's web page, three different malts (Pilsner, Munich and Chocolate) were used with Belgian Dark Candi syrup with Wattleseed from Australia, South American toasted amaranth and other ingredients.

Doghead says that the beer is perfect for colder times and best tasted "with friends". The video below gives an excellent overview of the beer-making process from concept to tap and everything in between.

Hmmmm... We wonder how a Microsoft-inspired beer would taste.

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