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£81.84 AOC 22" F22+ LCD TFT Monitor

If you are looking for an entry level monitor to replace your old LCD monitor then the AOC TFT F22+ is the right solution for you that has a small base with big enough 21.5” display.

The F22+ is HD ready with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. At 60000:1 dynamic ratio and a response time of just 5ms, the monitor is definitely apt for most of your day to day computing needs along with the ability to display crisp colours while you are watching movies on your computer. Absolute colour fidelity is achieved by the Dynamic Colour Boost (DCB) method.

The F22+ comes with an innovative small folding design for its base making it possible to easily place the monitor on every desk and allows you to save space unlike others. The navigation ring is integrated in the frame facilitates easy adjustment of the parameters of the monitor.

The 16:9 display format enables you to deliver large-area presentations as well as multimedia demonstrations. The monitor comes with standard VGA and DVI Inputs.

CCL Online is offering the AOC 22" F22+ LCD TFT Monitor for just £81.84.