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Adapteva Introduces Latest Version of Epiphany Multi-core Architecture IP

Adapteva, an emerging, privately held semiconductor technology outfit, announced on Monday the launch of the fourth generation of the company’s Epiphany multi-core architecture IP.

According to the company, the new product is a 28nm design equipped with 64 independent high-performance RISC cores on a single chip.

The company also brags that this new addition to the Epiphany family brings has the highest energy efficiency at 70 GFLOPS/Watt.

"With the launch of the Epiphany architecture in 28nm, we're able to bring even more computing power to a tiny footprint, without increased energy drain," said chief executive officer of Adapteva, Andreas Olofsson in a statement, as reported (opens in new tab) by Thinq.

"The Epiphany-IV platform demonstrates an immediate path to exceeding DARPA's 2018 goal of 50 GFLOPS/Watt in high performance computing applications," he added.

According to a handful of analysts, the new product from Adapteva may eventually help the tablet and smartphone industry in equipping tablets and smartphones with more computing power than ever before.

The company also stated that it had no intentions of becoming a threat to the bigger players in the market such as Intel or ARM, and that, it wants to peacefully coexist with those brands.