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Android May Soon Get Google Chrome Browser

For gadget lovers and Android users one of the mysteries is that why Google Chrome in not integrated in the Android platform? The web browser present in the Android operating system is neither called Chrome not it appears or operates like Chrome even though it is the mobile phone operating system from Google itself.

Very soon this might be a story of the past. If the documents available in the Chromium website are to be believed a version of Chrome which might be Android friendly is in the process of development. Chromium is an open source project on which the Google Chrome browser is based.

Tech blog Conceivably Tech first noticed these documents that had change logs and comments by several Googlers who are a part of Chrome team.

This integration will lead to lot of advantages for the Chrome users as well as Android enabled smart phone users. For example, Chrome like web application will be available on users’ phone or the tablet and there will be better synchronization between Google on desktop and mobile browsers.

As a marketing strategy also this will prove very beneficial for Google as the company is trying to gain visibility and adoption of the Chrome platform.