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Apple May Begin iOS App Rental Scheme

Cupertino based iPhone maker Apple Inc. could soon come up with a new, innovative offering that will enable users to rent application for their iOS devices, according to a new, unconfirmed report.

According to a report by the technology site Tech Erra, the codes of the iTunes 10.5 beta 9 has substantial evidence in it, that indicates towards a forthcoming iOS app rental scheme by the tech juggernaut.

The Tech Erra report also highlighted over how a couple of lines within the code looks like as if it was the status report of an application an user has rented.

“Apps are automatically removed from your iTunes library at the end of the rental period,” one note read. Another says “This app will be deleted from your computer” according to a PC Mag report.

According to industry experts, the introduction of such a rental programme could eventually benefit the company, as well as its users. For users, they will no longer need to purchase an expensive application that they were looking forward to use only for a brief period of time.

While, for the company, it could help them tackle the app-piracy problem quite effectively.