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Applications Made Easy with Windows Azure

MicrosoftUK Tech Days has a new series, the Windows Azure Online Conference. This conference is designed to provide basic and advanced information about the Windows Azure platform. Open to anyone interested in learning more about the latest platform from Microsoft or cloud development, this series promises to provide easy-to-learn information and advice.

Free to attend, participants of the conference have been asked to review video content links included in the registration confirmation email. These links provide the foundation for the training session and interactive discussion that follows. Participants are encouraged to submit questions for experts and others attending the conference to answer or comment on. Interactive discussions provide a way for experts to interact with participants to ensure all questions are adequately answered.

Even if participants have little or no prior experience using Azure, they can learn much from the online conference. Creating applications for Azure is different than creating applications for other platforms. And while learning new technology may seem daunting at first, once participants receive basic training in using Azure, they should feel more comfortable using the platform in their work environment.

Cloud computing and development is relatively new, but is gaining in popularity with both small and large businesses. Having a better understanding of cloud capabilities should dispel any myths surrounding this new technology.

As with any type of new technology, it is important to remember that prior knowledge of other platforms and application techniques may still be applicable, but in a slightly different way. Those who present during the conference will can help participants take the knowledge they already have and expand and use that knowledge when working with Windows Azure. Even though participants may have reservations about learning something new, the presenters have the training and expertise necessary to clearly explain this new technology.

In addition to explaining cloud development, the conference will also focus on creating applications for Azure, storage capabilities, coding, migrating an application, starting an application project and much more. Developers, students or those with an interest in learning more about Windows Azure should attend.

Once participants learn how to better utilise Azure for their application projects, the more comfortable they will be to experiment and find a variety of uses for the platform they didn't know was possible. By expanding a developer's skills to include Windows Azure, developers and others will be able to work with confidence on this platform.

With the inclusion of interactive discussions, participants will not only learn from those in charge of providing training, but also from other participants. Since some participants may have experience using Windows Azure or cloud computing, everyone can learn from one another. Being prepared with a list of questions is the best way to communicate during the interactive discussion. Leave a comment, post a question or try to answer or clarity an answer from other participants and experts.

Register for the Windows Azure online conference today to secure (opens in new tab) a spot in the conference and in the interactive discussion. It is recommended that all participants review the video links and other content before the conference.