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Fusion-io Introduces ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo Flash Drives; Available in November

Digital storage solution provider Fusion-io has announced the launch of the ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo flash drives - the forthcoming additions of the company’s ioMemory platform.

According to the company, these new productss have been primarily aimed at increasing application acceleration, as well as data center optimisation. Both ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo are equipped with up to 2.4 TB storage capacity.

One of the key aspects of both products is a built-in self healing feature, called Adaptive FlashBack. The company claims the Adaptive Flashback feature provides users with a full-proof chip level fault tolerance, thus enabling the drive to heal itself in case of single or multi-chip failure.

The new drives, scheduled to hit stores towards the beginning of November this year will be available in 365 GB, 785 GB, 1205 GB and 2.4 TB capabilities.

“A new approach is necessary to address the growing problem of data center inefficiencies,” said program vice president of storage and big data at IDC, Benjamin S. Woo, as reported (opens in new tab)by eWeek.

“Fusion’s ioMemory is a building block for next-generation data centers that provides applications fully scalable memory for accelerating throughput and drives higher-performance density and efficiency in application server platforms,” he added.