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Google+ Gaining Momentum, But Still a Long Way to Go

Just weeks after going public, Google+ is booming as a social networking site. Within the first few weeks this new social network from Google has cracked the top 10 ranking and for the time being is doing nicely.

The only question right now is whether they will be able to sustain this momentum or not? Spokesman for Experian Hitwise, an online Traffic Tracker, Matt Tatham said that "Obviously, when they opened up the site, it did really well. It's down from that initial peak, [but] now they just need to sustain this traffic growth month over month."

While talking to Computer World, Tatham revealed that when Google+ adopted open membership model it hit 14.98 million visitors in US but the number went down to 7.2 million last week. However, the period between 6th August and 17th September saw an average 1.2 million visitors.

According to the Tracker site in August and September Google+ saw 349% jump that means from 5.4 million US visits to 24.2 million visits.

The figures seem impressive but, still this new social network is far behind than major social networks like Facebook or Twitter in terms of visitors. Thus, for the time being Facebook and Twitter are not facing any major threat from Google+.