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Government Aims at Mobile Coverage Boost with £150 Million Investment

The UK government plans to invest £150 million for extending mobile coverage to 99 percent of the country, which would also include remote, rural areas.

According to The Guardian, Chancellor George Osborne has promised the money from the government’s own pockets, comprising of the money not spent by government departments.

The funding will aim at providing mobile connectivity to around 6 million people in the UK. In Britain, 95 percent of the areas are covered with mobile signals while in Scotland and Ireland there is only 90 percent mobile coverage.

The money invested will be used to acquire and set-up new mobile phone masts, which will not only improve voice calls but also mobile data connections.

The government has asked telecom regulator Ofcom to oversee the investment and project, which would bring mobile coverage to most of the rural areas by 2013. The UK government said that data connections will come to rural areas when the 4G network rolls out.

“We have maintained for some time that market forces alone will not solve these problems. In particular, poor and unreliable coverage, which exists mostly in rural areas, is likely to persist to some degree as there is limited scope for commercially-driven improvements,” Ofcom said in a statement, reports BBC News.