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Innovatio IP Ventures Seeks Damages for Patent Infringement; Targets Hotels, Eateries that Provide Wi-Fi

After filling suits against Cisco and Motorola and experiencing stiff resistant from them, Innovatio IP Ventures is now filling lawsuits against Wi-Fi users for infringement of patent rights.

Individuals are kept out of such litigation and the fillings by Innovatio is looking for payoffs from corporate Wi-Fi customers such as hotel chains.

Patent Examiner reported that in mid-September there were new suits filed against popular hotel chains like Marriott, Hyatt, Best Western and others. The lawsuits claim that users are violating its patents and also seeks royalties from more then 200 locations using Wi-Fi facility.

Before this Innovatio made similar claims against Caribou Coffee, restaurant chain Cosí, and Panera Bread Company.

Cisco and Motorola have responded by making a request to set aside the patent in question.

Innovatio told the Patent Examiner that they do not have any intention to sue individual users, but businesses are a different matter.

Innovatio IP Ventures incorporated in February this year. They acquired the suite of patents from Broadcom within a week which they are trying to now enforce.