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iPhone 5 Event: Follow Us Live From 6pm UK Time (10am PDT)

1942 APPLE STORE DOWN... I repeat, Apple store down (opens in new tab)!

1939 That's it ladies and gents... The end... Tim Cook is gone.. Nothing else announced, no iPhone 5, just an iPhone 4S.

1937 Phone launched in US Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany and Japan on 14th. BTW, no iPhone 4 for the T-Mobile US. Oh well.

1937 Apple hasn't yet updated its iPhone page yet, at least in US.

1936 First time 64GB model available on the market. Phone will be available on Sprint in the US. Phone will be available on preorder from 7th of October, that's this friday with launch on the 14th.

1935 iPhone 3GS 8GBs free,. iPhone 4 will be in black and white, from $99. iPhone 4S black and white, 16GB at $199, 32Gb at $299 and 64GB at $399.

1932 The iPhone 4S will be launched on the 14th of October and will be available in white at launch

1930 Siri will be available in German and French and US/UK English. Data connection will be needed. though...

1927 14 minutes on Siri. Speak with your Natural language... Siri has brought TTS and STT back in the field of mobility. Expect others to follow suite...

1926 What has been the most important feature announced today? Siri, by far.... 13 minutes now talking on that single feature. Expect Siri to come to other devices as well including the iMac and the Mac Mini

1924 That said, we're impressed by the fact that it doesn't (apparently) need any sort of prior training like so many STT or TTS packages. BTW, where's Nuance in that?

1922 All this is beautiful, except we're not big fans of speech to text. Hope it will work just as well when in a busy and noisy environment.

1920 Still demoing Siri... Already 5 minutes now...

1915 Siri coming... Talk to your device and get it done. A bit like Google voice it seems. Demo time running at the moment.

1912 AirPlay mirroring coming, wired or wireless. Cool! Now if Apple could release something like the Atrix Lapdock!!!!!

1910 iPhone 4S now offering full HD recording as well, real time video image sabilisation and real time temporal noise reduction.

1907 Lens system has five elements and is an f2.4. Now there's a slide showing how good the iPhone 4S is compared to other Android phones when it comes to time to take the first photo and shot to shot. APPLE DIDN'T INCLUDE THE NOKIA N9 in the slide.

1905 Camera system is an eight megapixel with a CMOS backed illuminated sensor that can capture nearly 75 pc more light. and is 33 pc faster than the old iPhone 4.

1903 Maximum data speeds going up as well.... HSPDA... Yippee

1900 Schiller back. Slide for battery life appears behind him, better battery life compared to the old one. BTW, am pretty sure they recycled the A5 slide from the launch of the iPad 2 as well...

1859 Did Cook recycle Jobs' words from the launch of the iPad 2.... I remember hearing that 7x performance boost from March 2011...

1857 Demo time with Infinity Blade.... I have to say that we all got it wrong... BBC, Guardian, Engadget etc etc....

1855 iPhone 4S next... No iPhone 5 hahahahahahaa... Bugger, basically an upgraded iPhone 4. It is to the iPhone 4 what the iPad 2 was to the iPad. Lukewarm... a tad disappointed.

1853 White version of the iPod Touch coming up! Gdgt now down!!!!! Up again. iPod Touch 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, $199, $299 and $399.

1851 iPod Nano to cost $129 and $149 for 8GB and 16GB versions. iPod Touch next, most popular iPod ever. On sale for £131 and £163 in the UK... Fleeced as usual... Expect the price to go down though

1849 Pitching the iPod Nano as a fitness gadget which works out of the box and allows you to exercise and keep fit... They've even added 16 new clock faces thanks to demand from people looking to wear it as watch. Remember these

1848 We're back.... iPod Nano. Update.... This one will still be here..... Bigger icons

1846 Video time (or loo time)

1845 The even is likely to be longer than usual. 45 Minutes gone and still no iPhone annoounced... Bugger.... Looking at iTunes Match service at the moment.

1844 iCloud free for iOS 5 and Lion users with upgrades DIRECT fom your device.

1842 Set Location Sharing Blocks of time, an interesting new feture that allows you to customise when and where someone can check your location... Intriguing privacy option.

1841 Daily backup, easily restored right from iCloud, syncing, calendars, mail at, find my iPhone, all this will be part of the iCloud.

1837 Eddy Cue up to talk on iCloud now. It will be free. Synching is frustrating. iTunes in the cloud, photos, docs in the cloud.

1837 iOS launching on the 12th of October.

1835 PC Free as a new featur with Mail enhancements, Safari. Talking about iOS 5 by the way.. Just in case you hadn't noticed.

1834 Sites crashing left, right and center. After Engadget, Cnet goes down!!!

1832 Apologies for the short hiatus. Gamecenter 67 million users joined which is a lot... How does that compare to PSN or Xbox... We shall see afterwards/

1830 More apps, more apps, Twitter CEO is here btw. Newstand, Reminder, Twitter integration, iMessage. Booorrriinggg....

1830 Guys thanks for following us by the way. We've broken our own record today thanks to you all

1828 Top 10 features being reviewed. Engadget goes tits up

1827 100K developers seeded with iOS 5....10 200 new user features.

1826 More than $3 billion paid to developers and much more to Apple itself. New App released. Cards... Yawwwnnnn....

1825 BTW, cook also said that 92 pc of Fortune 500 re testing or deploying the iPad with more than 250 million units sales mark.. WTF was he referring to... Can't be iPad 2.

1824 18bn app downloads, that's around 1bn per month. that's roughly 3 per human being.

1823 Forstall is up next. 500K apps in App store, 140K for iPad specifically.

1822 Both Engadget and Gdgt live are buckling under the traffic... Both had timed out a few sec ago.... Good thing Apple is not live streaming then ;)

1821 Talking about the iPad now. Classes getting iPads, Pilots getting iPads. 4 out of 5 US hospitals testing the ipad

1818 Cook is waxing lyrical about the iPhone... Engadget appears to be down by the way.... 95 per cent of iPhone users say they are satisfied according to a recent survey. Hmmm reminds me of the kind of approval ratings some dictatorships used to have....

1817 And now to the meat of the event: iPhone. “What’s amazing is that the iPhone 4 has sold over half of our total iPhones sold in the entire time we’ve been selling iPhones. It’s the number one smartphone in the world."

1816 16 billion songs downloaded... Blimey, that's around 2.5 per human being....

1815 Cook says that Apple is still an important market with 45 million iPods sold in year ending June 2011. 20 million music tracks on iTunes, 2 milllion more than the Amazon music store.

1814 78 pc of portable music market is iPod. Number one music player and 300 million units sold.

1812 Cook goes on to mention that the Macbook Pro and the Imac are number one selling notebook in the US. 58 million installed Mac users, 80 pc YoY growth.

1811 Lambasts Intel as well, saying that the macbook air is thin and light and something competitors tend to copy. Given that Intel is behind the Ultrabook range....

1810 Windows bashing starts. Took Windows 7 20 weeks to reach 10 percent of Windows install... Took Lion 2 weeks... Yeah and Windows installed based counts in hundreds of millions as well. Something he omits to mention.

1807 Video of Hong Kong store showing... zzzzzz

1806 Quick note, although we're not seeing a video, one can feel that there's a definite difference between the Tim Cook style and the Steve Jobs style... Cook appears to be stiffer.

1805 Tim Cook comes on stage, says that they've opened their first Chinese Apple store, biggest in Asia and with more than 100,000 visitors in the first week. Same amount as visitors coming in LA store in one month.

17:51 GMT: Plenty of wags are fake live-tweeting on Twitter. One commenter says, "I hope they've made it incapable of making or receiving calls, I hate talking to people". They already have. It's called the iPod Touch.

17:50 GMT: Reports coming in that an on-sale date has gone up on Apple Japan's website: October 14th.

17:43 GMT: And, it seems, we're off, to a slightly ahead-of-schedule start. Not at the Cupertino event itself, but thanks to the eagle-eyed folks at 9to5Mac, who spotted the appearance of a new handset, the iPhone 4S, on Apple's website. Well, that's one rumour nailed, and Steve Jobs isn't even in the building...

30 minutes to go.... Bear in mind that we're holding a competition to win an iPhone 5 (assuming it will be launched today) here. will bring you the latest updates live from Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event, which will be held later today from 6pm UK time (10am local time).

The event will hopefully see the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 (and perhaps another device) at Apple's famed headquarters in Cupertino. You can bookmark this page and come back later today.

This page will be updated on a regular basis from 1800 until the end of the event and we will then be shifting over to our dedicated iPhone 5 page with the latest reports and analysis about the phone's specifications, features, pricing, previews, availability, services and software.

Your comments are welcome in our dedicated Disqus section; tell us whether you've been pleasantly surprised or bitterly disappointed, whether there are things that could have been improved, features that have been missed and whether you intend to stick with your current phone or upgrade when the iPhone 5 becomes available.

You can read our extensive coverage of the iPhone 5 from the very beginning here.

If rumours are correct, Apple's much-awaited iPhone 5 handset will be announced today at an invite-only event at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California. We'll be bringing you the news as it happens from what could be the first Steve Jobs-free iDevice launch. Then again, the turtlenecked messiah may just beam himself down for the big event. Other than that, stay tuned for surprises: what specs will the new handset have? Voice-activated controls? And will Apple take the opportunity to sneak out its first budget smartphone, the rumoured Apple iPhone 4S? All will be revealed in a little under an hour...

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