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iPhone 5 Event: Live Blog - courtesy of

One Mobile Ring's sister title is live blogging from the Apple event, where we are privialaged to be able to bring OMR readers the news of any Apple announcements - as they happen.

19:42 GMT:

Thanks everyone for tuning in. We'll see you again for the real iPhone 5 launch...

19:41 GMT:

Nothing like Steve Jobs' famous "one more thing..." That really is all, folks. The iPhone 5 lives to launch another day...

19:40 GMT:

And he's off... no iPhone 5 after all. Egg on the collective faces of IT hacks around the world, and Apple gets the last laugh.

19:39 GMT:

Tim Cook' back on stage. Any 'last-minute' announcements...?

19:38 GMT:

Correction to earlier release date we gave: pre-orders from October 7th, launch date is October 14th.

19:31 GMT:

Quick recap on the new iPhone 4S's specs: A5 processor, new dual antenna system, improved camera optics, HD video and the Siri personal voice-operated assistant.

19:29 GMT:

We've just heard that Orange and T-Mobile will be stocking the iPhone 4S from the launch date, 1st December.

19:27 GMT:

Phew. That's it for Siri the personal assistant at 13 minutes. "And that is the coolest feature of the new iPhone 4S."

19:26 GMT:

Yeah, yeah. We get it. Voice control.

19:23 GMT:

Even handles Wikipedia searches and dictionary definitions.

19:20 GMT:

Text messages dictated by voice, too. Neat.

19:19 GMT:

Directions, local restaurants sorted by rating... it does it all (in the demo, at least).

19:18 GMT:

"Wake me up tomorrow at 6am", and the alarm's set.

19:16 GMT:

Demo time - “What’s the weather like today?” and we're given an instant forecast.

19:15 GMT:

“For decades technologists have teased us with this dream that we can talk to our technology. But it’s never come true! It’s such a let-down! What we really want to do is just talk to our device!”

19:14 GMT:

Ooooh. And now we're getting to the iPhone 4S's voice-activated app, Siri. Take that, Android!

19:10 GMT:

Applause as Phil Schiller announces that the new iPhone 4S will take 1080p video for the first time. With real-time image stabilisation.

19:08 GMT:

And it's 2-3 times quicker to take photos.

19:06 GMT:

“CMOS backside illuminated sensor gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and is a third faster. On top of that, we place a high-end IR filter for greater accuracy and uniformity. We have an amazing lens system, five lens elements. It’s now a really wide f2.4. Compared to most point and shoots we can let in a lot of light.”

19:06 GMT:

And it's got an 8-megapixel camera.

19:05 GMT:

All courtesy of automatically switching between dual antennas.

19:04 GMT:

“Where have I heard these numbers before? This is what our competitors call 4G… the iPhone 4S is just as fast as all of these phones, even faster in real-world use.”

19:02 GMT:

Faster downloads too: data rate doubled to almost 14.4Mbps downstream.

19:01 GMT:

Improved battery life, too: 4S eight hours' 3G talk time; six hours of browsing; nine on WiFi. 10 hours of video, and 40 hours of music. "Fantastic battery life."

18:57 GMT:

Gaming demo on the new handset.

18:56 GMT:

Now it's the iPhone 4S: Retina Display, Cortex A5 dual-core processor. As we suspected. Dual-core graphics too - claimed up to seven times faster than previous iPhone 4.

18:54 GMT:

Touch will get iOS 5 and iCloud. Price cut from $229 to $199 for 8GB; $299 and $399 for 32GB and 64GB.

18:53 GMT:

Now it's iPod Touch. Apparently it's now the most popular mobile gaming platform in the world.

18:51 GMT:

New iPod Nano prices. iPod nano 8GB for $129; 16GB for $149. Available today. Doubtless UK users will pay their pound premium on those US prices...

18:50 GMT:

...And a selection of clock faces so you can use it as a wristwatch.

18:49 GMT:

First iPod update: iPod Nano. Bigger icons on multitouch display. Better design for joggers.

18:48 GMT:

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketin, now talking about the iPod.

18:46 GMT:

Video demo of the new iTunes Match: “It scans and matches your library against our 20m songs, we’ll upload what we don’t find."

18:44 GMT:

All part of iCloud, free for iOS 5 and Lion users.

18:43 GMT:

"At the end of the day, location sharing stops automatically. Easily locate friends and family, temporary sharing options, simple privacy controls…”

18:42 GMT:

And now it's a new FourSquare-like geolocation app called Friends and Family.

18:40 GMT:

iTunes in the cloud? Check. Photo Stream - that's photos in the cloud too. Plus docs, syncing documents, contacts, calendars, mail.

18:38 GMT:

Now it's the turn of Eddie Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, to talk about iCloud.

18:37 GMT:

Free update to iOS 5 for existing users, out October 12th.

18:36 GMT:

And PC-free operation. “We have a lot of customers who want to use the iPad or iPhone as their only device.” Now, Apple reckons, they can.

18:35 GMT:

Safari's received some tweaks too: “We’ve added a number of things, including Reader. We take the story on the page, we format it perfectly on the device."

18:34 GMT:

Apple Game Center - 67 million users signed up already...

18:33 GMT:

More on-phone photo editing features.

18:32 GMT:

High dynamic range (HDR) photography to be built in.

18:31 GMT:

“Deep integration from Twitter.” Snore.

18:30 GMT:

Oooh. Interesting stuff. "Push to all devices" - pick up on one device from where you left off on another. Clever stuff.

18:29 GMT:

Now it's iOS5. Apple has seeded it to 100,000 developers. Now they want to share it with us...

18:28 GMT:

The latest app? A paper card delivery service from iPhones, complete with push notification on delivery. The trees will be happy, no doubt.

18:26 GMT:

Big numbers: 500,000 apps in the App Store; 140,000 for the iPad. Makes it the biggest app store in the world. So far, customers have download 18 billion apps - more than one billion a month.

18:25 GMT:

iOS is the dominant smartphone OS: 43 percent compared to Android's 33 percent in July's ComScore figures.

18:24 GMT:

Senior vice president of iPhone SoftwareScott Forstall is up now. Looks like it's iOS 5 time...

18:23 GMT:

Apple has now passed a quarter of a billion sales of iDevices.

18:21 GMT:

Airline pilots and hospitals are among those rushing to adopt the proddable PC, Cook says.

18:20 GMT:

And on to the iPad: “The customer satisfaction ratings show a 95% score in a recent survey. They’re showing up everywhere. In schools they’re helping kids learn in amazing new ways. … every state in the US now has an iPad deployment or pilot in place today.”

18:18 GMT:

Consistently voted number one for customer satisfaction.

“We believe that over time all phones become smartphones. This market is an enormous opportunity. That’s iPhone, more coming up on iPhone.”

18:17 GMT:

And now to the meat of the event: iPhone. “What’s amazing is that the iPhone 4 has sold over half of our total iPhones sold in the entire time we’ve been selling iPhones. It’s the number one smartphone in the world."

18:16 GMT:

iTunes now boasts 20 million songs - 20 times what it started with.

18:15 GMT:

Now we're talking iPods. 300 million have now been sold.

18:13 GMT:

All of which gives Apple a 23% share of US computer sales, Cooks says. Which - he says in a moment of classically Apple hubris - means there's another 77% left to grab.

18:12 GMT:

Now some figures: Mac sales up 23% over the last year. PCs up 4%.

18:11 GMT:

MacBook Pro and iMac the best selling desktop and notebook in the US, Cook says.

18:10 GMT:

Apple OS X Lion is "the best operating system out there". Apparently.

18:09 GMT:

Video celebrating Apple Stores. 357 now in 11 countries. Apparently they're going to "raise the bar at retail".

18:08 GMT:

It's smart-casual as usual, but we've ditched Steve's turtle neck for an open-neck shirt. All change...

18:06 GMT:

Mild-mannered Tim's no Jobbso, btw...

18:05 GMT:

A big up for the shiny new Apple stores. 100,000 visitors came to on the opening weekend of the branch in Shanghai. The LA store took a month to collect that many visits.

18:04 GMT:

Cook's talking about Apple's history of innovation. The iPod was launched apparently in this room at the Infinite Loop campus, called the Town Hall.

18:01 GMT:

New Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage. “Good morning, this is my first product launch since being named CEO.” No standing ovation for him, though.

18:00 GMT:

Now it's The Roling Stones' Jumpin' Jack Flash. Any moment now...

17:59 GMT:

"Ladies and gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly."

17:58 GMT:

Warming up to the strains of The Who...

17:51 GMT:

Plenty of wags are fake live-tweeting on Twitter. One commenter says, "I hope they've made it incapable of making or receiving calls, I hate talking to people". They already have. It's called the iPod Touch.

17:50 GMT:

Reports coming in that an on-sale date has gone up on Apple Japan's website: October 14.

17:43 GMT:

And, it seems, we're off, to a slightly ahead-of-schedule start. Not at teh Cupertino event itself, butthanks to the eagle-eyed folks at 9to5Mac, who spotted the appearance of a new handset, the iPhone 4S (opens in new tab), on Apple's websit. Well, that's one rumour nailed, and Steve Jobs isn't even in the building...

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