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iPhone 5 Specifications: 4 Dead-sure Ones

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We can expect the iPhone 5 smartphone to be launched later this evening (UK time) during an event to be held at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

We have drawn up a list of specifications for the device which we are absolutely certain will be included in the handset, either because some have already been announced or because it wouldn't make sense not to have them.

The iOS 5 will make its official debut with the iPhone 5 (as will the iCloud). That's a dead-cert given that Apple always launches a new iOS with every new handset introduced (hence iOS 5).

Forget about increasing the screen size, we don't see Apple yanking the Retina Display feature, which is highlighted prominently on the iPhone 4's website and which will need to be carried forward to the new iPhone 5. This has some important implications; in order to maintain the 326ppi pixel density, Apple will have to increase the screen resolution if it wants to increase the screen size.

The presence of the Apple A5 SoC in the iPhone 5 is also a certainty. There's absolutely no reason for Apple to jump the gun and introduce a more powerful model at the moment or stick to the A4. The A5, with its two cores and dual GPU setup, will be ideal for more resource hungry next generation graphics requirements.

We will see Bluetooth 4.0 on the iPhone 5. The new Macbook Air & the Mac Mini were the first ones to sport the latest version of this short range communication technology. Bluetooth 4.0 brings some very interesting features to the table both in terms of bandwidth and power consumption.

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