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Japanese Wireless Carrier Softbank to Build 4G Network with Help from Huawei and ZTE

Japanese wireless carrier Softbank has signed up rivals ZTE and Huawei to help it build its next generation 4G wireless network.

The company said the network, which will be capable of delivering speeds of up to 110 Mbps, will be rolled out next year.

Wireless equipment maker ZTE claimed it was Softbank’s ‘primary strategic partner’ for the project, according to a Business Week report.

ZTE said that it will work with Softbank to cover 90 percent with the 4G wireless network while Huawei said it will be contribute to building the 4G network in parts of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The 4G network that Softbank builds with the help of ZTE and Huawei will be based on the AXGP format, which will be compatible with the LTE TDD technology used in China.

Huawei and ZTE, both based out of China, are staunch rivals in almost everything they undertake. The two companies, apart from competing in the wireless technology market, are also competing in the smartphone market, launching their respective devices in Asian and European markets.

Despite Huawei’s small but important contribution to the project, it is clear that the company is making efforts to expand its business beyond Chinese markets.