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Legal Battle Continues for Apple and Samsung Over Patent Infringement; Cases Pending in 9 Countries

The battle between Apple and Samsung over the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia continues as Apple rejected Samsung’s offer to settle the matter out of court. Apple is hoping the matter will be resolved in its favour via a court victory in its global campaign of patent litigation.

An intellectual property infringement litigation was initiated in Australia by Apple against the South Korean company claiming that Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones and tablets are “slavishly” copied from its iPad and iPhone.

This international legal battle will damage the growth and reputation of Samsung’s fastest growing smartphone and tablet businesses.

Samsung has rejected all allegations made by Apple and it is looking for ways to resolve the dispute as soon as possible so that the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, the newest tablet from Samsung, can be launched this Christmas.

Apple’s lawyer Steven Burley made it clear that "The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch (of the Galaxy tablet) and maintain the status quo," as told in Federal court in Sydney.

For the record, Apple and Sumsung have filed cases against each other in nine countries over 20 matters and a crucial US ruling is expected in the next week.