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Lost iPhone 5 Surveillance Camera Footage Is Erased

One of the most recounted stories surrounding the iPhone 5 release was about a prototype that was lost in a tequila bar in San Francisco. Now it has transpired that the video surveillance from that night has been erased, thus reducing the chances of finding out who lost it and who found it.

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As CNET reports, a whole series of events surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the prototype were not very well handled by the parties involved. Two members of Apple's internal security informed the police that one of Apple's employees had lost an important prototype on 22nd of July, in the Cava 22 bar.

Two days later, police and an Apple security team checked the house of Sergio Calderon, a 22-year-old man. The young man appeared to have plugged in the device to a computer and Apple was able to electronically trace the device. Calderon said he had no knowledge of the missing iPhone and later refused to give interviews on the matter. Apple also declined any comment and the story was dropped.

On the other hand, the owner of the bar where it all happened declared that his bar has video surveillance. Six cameras sweep the premises and provide snapshots with different areas every three or four minutes.

The video surveillance had raised interest from the San Francisco police, and the bar owner apparently tried to reach an agreement with news sites and newspapers to offer the footage for a fee.

Now, however, he reports that the images stored on his computer have been 'accidentally' erased. In just a few hours we will see the real thing, and the story will just be forotten; nice little publicity boost though.

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