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Luxury TAG Heuer Link mobile phone now available to pre-reserve

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has made public that their very first luxury mobile phone has now becoming available, in the Link handset.

The TAG Heuer Link mobile phone was announced in June this year, with a lofty price tag of 4100 Euros.

One Mobile Ring has been contacted by the Swiss company, with the information that the high-end mobile phone is now around to pre-reserve – as we had registered our interest, at the time of the mobile's launch.

The email carries a validation code for those who had registered their interest in the Link phone, where an email is then passed along with a VIP number to then buy the phone and in a variety of countries and locations where ever TAG Heurer watches are sold.

TAG Heuer's Link is accompanied by a 1.9-inch LCD 240x320 TFT screen, with a secondary 96x16 OLED display on the top of the mobile for notifications where both of are made up from 60.5 carats of sapphire crystal glass.

The mobile is around in several sets of expensive customisations, ranging from one with 1007 diamonds (2,53) carats with polished stainless steel and white lizard materials to other more extravagant models.

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