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Microsoft Enhances Hotmail to Fight ‘Greymail’

Software giant Microsoft is planning to roll out new features that will tackle the problem of spam mail in its Hotmail email service.

In a blog post, the company said that it has launched several new Hotmail features which will help users tackle ‘greymail’.

According to Microsoft, ‘greymail’ does not only include spam messages but also notification, invites and offers that users no longer want.

The new features take Hotmail more towards cloud computing and better equip to compete with services like Gmail.

The company introduced a new filtering feature that helps people categorise emails as newsletters. The feature uses the same SmartScreen technology that Microsoft uses to filter spam. It is a learning engine which will automatically categorises emails as newsletters.

Microsoft also dished out a new Sweep feature which would allow users to unsubscribe to newsletters and notification emails straight from their inbox. Users will also be able to notify the website about wanting to receive any more emails from them.

The Scheduled Clean-up feature allows users to keep only the latest emails on their inbox and get rid of the old newsletters.

“That’s a lot of new features for fighting the war on graymail and keeping track of your important messages. And we’re just getting started. We’ll have more on these features and others as they roll out in the coming weeks. So try out our new tools when they hit your inbox and let us know what you think!” Microsoft said.