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Microsoft Hosts Windows Azure Online Conference

Learn about Windows Azure and cloud development by attending the Windows Azure Online Conference presented by UK Tech Days. For those interested in learning more about what Azure can do for them, this conference promises in-depth information and an interactive discussion to answer participant questions.

This conference is open to anyone interested in learning more about Windows Azure and cloud development. Students, developers, business professionals and technology hobbyists will all learn together in an interactive environment. Since the conference is online, participants can listen and participate from anywhere – home, office or while travelling.

Prior to the conference, it is recommended that participants review the video links and content provided to get a better understanding of the types of information covered. Video links are located on the confirmation email sent to participants after they successfully register for the conference. Participants can watch these videos when they have a free moment or right before the conference so the information is fresh. Writing down questions or discussion points is recommended so participants to ask the types of questions most important to them.

During the conference, participants will learn basic application creation techniques for the Windows Azure platform as well as how to make use of additional features such as storage. Coding, SQL and other features will also be discussed. A full review of the ways to navigate through Azure when starting a project or migrating one is also part of the conference. Experts will guide participants through Azure architecture and explain many features and capabilities of this platform.

Even though developers and others may feel unprepared to use Windows Azure, they should not feel this way. Many of the same skills and techniques currently used to utilise other platforms may be applied to Azure. One of the goals of this conference is to calm fears and apprehension toward using this new platform.

Another goal is to prepare those who may start working on Azure by providing the skills needed to navigate successfully around the platform. It is much easier to create applications for a platform when developers understand how it works and what can be accomplished on it. Basic and advanced information will be provided during the training and interactive sessions. This information may prove valuable when actually using Azure for work projects.

Since the conference is free to attend, a variety of professionals and others may sign up to learn more about Azure. Having an interactive discussion with those from many different fields, educational backgrounds and interest allows all participants to gain valuable advice and insight into cloud development and this exciting new platform. Even if participants do not have the time to review the video links provided prior to attending the conference, they will still benefit from the information provided.

Register (opens in new tab) for the Windows Azure online conference to make ensure a spot during the conference. It is recommended that participants review the video links and other information included in the confirmation email. Video links provide additional information needed to get the most from the conference.