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Microsoft Kills Zune: An Omen For iPhone 5 Event?

On the day Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be producing its Zune players and will instead be focusing on the Windows Phone platform as the core of their mobile music and video strategy.

In a post published on its Zune player support page, Microsoft said that it won't impact the services for existing users. This includes honouring existing warranties for all devices - existing and past.

Microsoft probably didn't discount the fact that it might in the future use Windows Phone 7 as the main software platform for a portable media player like the Apple iPod Touch and the iOS (or the Samsung Wi-Fi with Android OS).

Still, that announcement by Microsoft could be a precursor to what will happen in 60 minutes when the Apple "let's talk iPhone" event starts. There are persistent rumours that Apple will remove at least two members of the iPod family, the entry level Shuttle and the venerable Apple iPod Classic, leaving only the iPod Touch and the Nano, both of them touchscreen with touchscreen display (ed: we suspect that Apple might even kill the Nano or release an uber-cheap iPod Touch as well).

You can follow the iPhone 5 event live from here from 6PM, we've also got a competition here to win an iPhone 5 (when it is released) and you can read our coverage of the iPhone 5 since the beginning here.

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