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Mozilla Introduces Web Browser Game 'RescueFox'; Promotes New Technology for Browser Gaming

Mozilla has introduced a demo version a new technology for browser based gaming.

According to an article on tech blog ThinQ (opens in new tab), the company, which makers the popular Firefox web browser, is working on a new engine for playing 3D games on the web browser.

Apart from the new game engine, codenamed Gladius, the outfit also hinted at an open source store for web apps and a Chrome OS-like browser based operating system called ‘Boot to Gecko’ among other things.

To exhibit the in-browser gaming engine, the company has released a 3D game called RescueFox. Apart from working on the Firefox web browser, Mozilla developer Dan Mosedale informed that it also works on Chrome web browser for Mac, but slower and without sound.

“Don’t you hate it when you’re traveling at light speed, and your pet space fox escapes to an asteroid belt?,” Mosedale wrote on a blog post.

“I know it drives me nuts. Fortunately, you have an invisible fox detector to figure out where she is, and you can use a tractor beam that pulls you from asteroid to asteroid to the fox herself. And you’ve got about 90 seconds until she runs out of air,” he added.