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Newly Appointed Apple CEO Tim Cook to Speak at iPhone 5 Launch Event Today

Apple will no longer be live streaming the keynote speech of the launch of iPhone 5, but people will be able to read the live blogs and re-blogs of live blogs, and even live blogs of the live blogs.

The keynote as it will be posted online after the end of the launch event. Those interested can visit the Apple website or go through the Apple’s event podcast in iTunes.

The launch of iPhone 5 will also serve to introduce Tim Cook who took over for Steve Job as the CEO of Apple Inc.

The launch will be held in an auditorium at Apple’s Headquarter in Cupertino. Only a handful of select press have been invited to hear the new CEO make his debut speech.

The latest iPhone will be support the high speed 4G telecom network and will have a number of new features and changes as compared to previous iPhones.

The latest iOS 5 software will have wireless device setup and content syncing, high powered camera, email and web browsing applications and so on and so forth. The platform will also come with the highly anticipated iCloud service.