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Nokia to Introduce Windows-Based Smartphones by End of 2011

Nokia is finally launching its Windows-based smart phones during the last quarter of this year.

Arguing that despite Apple and Google producing some of the best and most popular smart phones and devices available, there is space for alternative smart phones, Chief Executive of Nokia Stephen Elop stated in a technology fair in Helsinki that “Our belief is that there is a clear opportunity for an alternative ecosystem."

In a radical move, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing company by volume, Nokia, dumped its self developed Symbian software and closed a deal with Microsoft to give stiff competition to Apple and Google.

Once the leader of the mobile market, Nokia is facing some tough times with both Apple and Samsung outnumbering Nokia in the smartphones market this year. Q2 sales of Nokia witnessed a 20 percent drop whereas the mobile market had grown 10 percent.

This was before the iPhone 5 was made available in the marketplace, however. Once the Apple iPhone 5 enters the market it will be interesting to see changes in the market equations.