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Online Gaming Site Betfair Resolves Security Issues After Cyber Attack 18 Months Ago

About Eighteen months ago, Betfair, an online gaming website, came under cyber attack which exposed personal information of almost three million of its members.

The Betfair officials confirmed that user names and addresses, along with security questions of more than 3 million users and bank details of nearly 90,000 users, have been accessed by hackers whose identity is still unknown.

According to Betfair, “18 months ago we were subject to an attempted data theft. Because of our security measures the data was unusable for fraudulent activity and we were able to recover the data intact. At the time, we contacted all the relevant authorities and worked closely with them regarding this matter and it was established that there was no risk to customers. We have subsequently implemented all of the recommendations from the independent reports we commissioned and have done everything we can to minimise the risk of this happening again.”

Coincidentally, Betfair's Director of Security, Sean Catlett has resigned to pursue other business ventures. Catlett, the former Global Head of Theat and Vulnerability Management at Barclays and former Senior Vice President at Bank of America where he was managing a team of network security experts, joined Betfair in October 2009, approximately five months before the attack started.