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Organisations Worldwide Ill-Equipped to Handle Virus Attacks from Social Media Websites

A global study has revealed that access of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media in the workplace increases the risk of virus and malware attacks against organisations. A survey conducted by research firm Ponemon institute covered 4,640 organisations.

Half the organizations said the attacks increase as soon as employees start using social networking sites and a quarter of them even mentioned the attacks rose by more than 50 percent.

The survey also revealed that even though the social networks play a big role for businesses, many organisations are ill-equipped to handle the risk associated with social networking sites.

A survey conducted on IT employees working in organisations in the United States, India, Brazil, Germany and other places showed that only 35 percent policies regulating the use of social network websites by their employees and out the that only 35 percent actually implement them.

Larry Ponemon the founder and the Chairman of Ponemon firm said that "A lot of organisations still didn't have an acceptable-use policy."

Security company Websense Inc., which is the sponsor of the survey said that virus and malware attacks use simple approaches to attack victims.