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Report Claims Gadgets Leading to Rise in Energy Bills, Emissions

Energy emissions and electricity bills are on the rise as people continue to use and rely on gadgets at home.

The increase in use of gadgets like TVs and wireless routers have resulted in significant increase in energy emissions, a new report has found.

According to a report [PDF] by the Energy Saving Trust, the current energy emissions of household due to increase in use of gadgets would mean that the UK won’t meet the 2020 target of cutting energy emissions by 34 percent.

The report says that people don’t really check whether the devices they are using at home are energy guzzling monsters.

The organisation said that some of the most energy hogging devices include big-sized fridges, big plasma TVs, wireless routers that are always on and 50 watt halogen lights.

"If we look over the last five years a lot has changed and a lot of progress has been made making the most energy-sapping appliances more efficient," said Dr Paula Owen, the author of the report.

"But where we still have a long way to go is with our gadgets and home entertainment appliances, which are using more and more electricity What amazes me is that you wouldn't buy a car without taking into consideration how fuel-efficient it was but people will buy electrical products without thinking about how much it is going to cost to run them" she added.