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Research In Motion releases Microsoft SharePoint app for BlackBerry phones

Popular manufacturers of email handsets RIM has launched the BlackBerry Client for SharePoint, which offers up access to Microsoft corporate servers.

The RIM Client app provides a mobile experience, with deep integration for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) – which in turn delivers a secure and cost-effective solution for businesses.

This connectivity between BlackBerry mobile phones and SharePoint servers is made possible in conjunction with BES, which offers up features and functions such as email, calendar, browser, and Universal Search for that complete out of office experience

It is possible to check-out and check-in with the versioning of files on the SharePoint servers, with Microsoft office document editing from using Documents To Go, which is pre-installed on BlackBerry smartphones, for the downloading, creating, revising and uploading of documents

There is also access to Blogs, Wikis and Lists with the ability to update them all from a BlackBerry smartphone, with content searches across multiple SharePoint sites from a BlackBerry device.

The BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint is now available, in over six different languages and in more than 25 countries – from

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