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RIM May Rebrand Its QNX Operating System; Official Announcement During DevCon Possible

Research In Motion may be planning to re-brand the QNX operating system as BlackBerry X, or simply BBX.

According to reports, the company could execute the speculated move at the forthcoming DevCon conference.

If these reports are indeed true, the move is likely to resolve all confusion surrounding the company’s wide range of product lines. It is important to note that RIM powers its BlackBerry smartphones with the legacy BlackBerry OS, or the QNX based BlackBerry OS.

But the company still calls the operating system for its tablet device, PlayBook “BlackBerry Tablet OS”, even after six months after the device’s launch.

QNX is a commercial real time operating system, built on the same line as the open source Unix. The OS was specially designed to meet the needs of embedded systems.

The OS was initially developed by QNX Software Systems, a Canadian company. However, it was soon positioned RIM after the company went ahead with the acquisition of QNX Software in 2010.

This year’s DevCon conference, scheduled for Oct 18-20, will be hosted in San Francisco, California.