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Samsung Debating Whether to Offer Galaxy Tab 10.0 in Australia if Legal Battle with Apple Continues

Samsung has hinted that it might not sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia if the device continues to be banned as a part of its ongoing legal battle with Apple.

According to an article on Business Week, a lawyer representing the company claimed that releasing the tablet before the Christmas holiday season is of paramount importance to the company, so therefore it might scrap the Australian launch of the device entirely if the ban is not lifted by the court.

Apple, which has a mounted by worldwide legal battle against Samsung, had managed to procure a two month ban on Samsung’s Android based Galaxy 10.1 tablet device. The device will not hit the market until the patent infringement trial is over.

Samsung had earlier said that the trial will spill over intonext year as it needs more time to collect evidence against Apple. This would mean that Samsung won’t be able to sell the device until the trial is over.

The company had offered to settle the case with Apple, but the iPhone, bent on delaying the launch of Galaxy Tab 10.1, refused to parlay.