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“Should Have Taken the iPhone More Seriously” Says Sony Ericsson CEO

Talking about the future of Sony Ericsson in the smartphone market, CEO Bert Nordberg said, “should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it arrived in 2007.”

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Mr. Nordberg made this comment without giving any further clarification, leaving ample space for speculations.

This statement has been viewed as a reference to the fact that Sony Ericsson’s share in the mobile market has been adversely affected since the release of iPhones in 2007.

Even though Sony Ericsson sells vast categories of ‘feature’ phones as well as smartphones as compared to Apple which only sells iPhones, Sony Ericsson took a long time to transit from Symbian OS operated ‘feature’ phones to Android enabled smartphones.

Discussing about the future of the company as a key player in the smartphone market Mr. Nordberg said that “We are quite careful throwing ourselves into new technology, simply because there is no guarantee that consumers will buy just because we develop it.” This statement came as an answer to a query on the strategy of the company on adopting new technology.

However, regarding new technology in smartphones Apple seems to have little different approach which is working in its favour and its share in the mobile market shows the same.