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Can Tim Cook Inspire In iPhone 5 Keynote?

Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, issued the invitation "Let's talk iPhone!" to the media who are gathering today at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.

With Apple at a crossroads, the event is expected to bring up a number of issues: the performance of Apple's new pitchman, why the iOS 5 software was released before the hardware, and the rumoured partnership with another tech colossus and former foe.

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PC World (opens in new tab)advises us to expect more than the next-generation iPhone. The event is hosted in Apple's headquarters in a more intimate atmosphere, as opposed to the big stages the company has previously used for similar events.

The venue may have been chosen to help Tim Cook who will take centre stage for the first time, after his charismatic predecessor. The public always saw Steve Jobs as the one to bring revolutionary technology to the market, which he did in the most captivating way. Now for Tim Cook has a real challenge to meet the audience's expectations.

On the other hand, the technology itself should be the talk of the day. Analysts already observe that Apple has changed strategy in June with the release of iOS 5 while the device that supports it was kept secret. Now pundits are split as to whether the upcoming iPhone will be a jaw-dropping smartphone that will change the market forever or just a slight update of the previous model.

Another topic at today's event is expected to be the announcement of a partnership between Apple and Facebook. Both giants, at the top of their markets, were bound to ignore previous misunderstandings and join hands sooner or later.

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