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T-Mobile Offers Prepaid Phone Plans at Walmart; 4G Plans Included

In a quest to attract more data-intensive wireless users T-Mobile is offering dirt cheap prepaid plans through Walmart.

Available October 16th, subscribers can purchase unlimited data and SMS along with 100 minutes of free voice calling just for $30 per month.

T-Mobile plans to offer lots of new plans and schemes in the coming weeks. The prepaid device line will feature 6 types of phones including 4G devices.

This new service allows Walmart customers to access the 4G network at a cheap rate without signing any contacts.

Showing his satisfaction over the deal, Senior Vice President of Entertainment, Walmart US Seong Ohm said, “Walmart is proud to offer our customers fast and affordable mobile options, especially as texting and social networking become a regular form of communication.”

This deal applies to only customers of T-Mobile and not all customers of Walmart. To experience 4G speed, one must have HSPA+ 4G network at the place where one wants to use it.

With the 4GB monthly plan, users will get unlimited 4G speeds for the very first 5GB of bandwidth.