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UK Pirate Party seeks guidance

The Pirate Party UK is courting suggestions for policy which members of the public - most likely from those with anti-authoritarian bent.

"We have listened to party members, voters and the public as well as going out and speaking to those people who have had an opportunity to vote for one of our candidates in elections," the party writes. "We watched as our brothers and sisters in Berlin reinvigorated their voters and overturned a legacy of decline and apathy. It is time for the Pirate Party UK to do the same."

The outfit has built a website,, where the debate can play out

It hopes the site will "allow the party to build a strong foundation of principles as well as broad policy objectives for the coming years. It will make clear what we are fighting for and, while we may not agree entirely in all areas, it will show that our principles are relevant and important to the country."

Welcoming a "frank, open and very much public debate about what the Pirate Party and the broader Pirate movement wants to achieve in the UK", the site will be active for a month. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.