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Vodafone Trials Free Unlimited Data Services Through ‘Data Test Drive’

UK wireless carrier Vodafone has commenced a free three month trial of its data service in order to promote the use of web on smartphones.

The company, for a period of three months, will allow its contract customers to download apps and other content on their smartphones for free.

The new Vodafone scheme, which is called the Data Test Drive, will be available to new customers or those Vodafone users who are upgrading their smartphones. Existing customers will be put on the free scheme once their current contract expires.

Vodafone informed that the Data Test Drive will truly make the access of data services on smartphones unlimited. Users will be able to download whatever they want without worrying about going over their data limit.

The unlimited scheme would enable users to use the smartphones as Wi-Fi devices and/or tether the connection to a computer system. However, roaming data services will not be free or unlimited under the scheme.

“The latest smartphones allow people to do more with their mobile phone than ever before. We want customers to really play with their new handset and Data Test Drive will give them the confidence to find the apps they love and features they will use regularly," Srini Gopalan, consumer director for Vodafone UK, said in a statement.