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Watch Out - iPhone 5 Trojan About!

The frenetic rumours swirling around relating to the next-generation iPhone is the perfect environment for spreading a nasty trojan. Concealed in a fake email from Apple, the hackers who created it announce the release of the "iPhone 5S".

The message itself uses a product name that is a merge of 'iPhone 5', expected to have groundbreaking technology, and 'iPhone 4S', supposedly just a minor upgrade from the previous model.

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The least suspecting readers will open the mail and find the text "Introducing the iPhone that lets you do more than ever. And do it amazingly faster", including an "order now" button. The button is obviously a bait for the distracted users who risk installing some vicious malware, namely a Trojan called Mal/Zapchas-A, according to security firm Sophos. The mail, aimed at Apple enthusiasts, ironically only affects Windows systems.

Dutch journalist, Abram Wagenaar, provided the first report on the matter. He also noted that this malware is related to a previous one that circulated in the days before Apple's last announcement, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Since then, the devious hackers seem to have made a slightly improved version of the dangerous mail.

Therefore, beware not to let curiosity lure you into a hacker's trap. And no, Apple will not send you a mail inviting you to order an iPhone 5.

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[ed: This is not a scam! Honest!!]

Radu has been working as a freelance writer for more than five years and has been blogging around since 2004. He is interested in anything Apple as well as gaming and mobile applications.