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Web Developer Series Cuts through Clutter

For those interested in learning how to create web apps on IE9, UK Tech Days presents a new series dedicated to just that. During this 2-hour conference, Martin Beeby and a special guest will teach participants how to create professional apps using Site Pinning tools for IE9. This promises to be an informative and educational conference for all who attend.

Registration and participation in the conference are free to anyone with an interest in web development. Web developers, students, online marketers and those with a growing interest in online communications are welcome to attend. The main goal of the conference is to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter which is web app creation for IE9.

Even though this conference is not geared toward web developer professionals, novice web app creators should familiarise themselves with IE9 if they aren't already to have a better understanding of the discussions during the conference.

Throughout UK Tech Days, those who attend online conference will gain valuable information about web development, web app creation and other useful and practical information. For those just starting out in web development, the information presented is straight-forward and easy to understand. For those seasoned professionals, there is enough information about the latest web development techniques and tricks to maintain interest.

Throughout the training session, participants will gain insight into Site Pinning, HTML 5 and other useful tools used to create apps on IE9. Having basic knowledge of web development, in particular, IE9 can make this conference even more valuable. Prior to the conference, participants will receive a list of video links that present basic IE9 and web development information. It is recommended that all participants review this information so they can be prepared for what will be taught during the conference.

Following the training session will be an interactive discussion where all participants are encouraged to ask lingering questions they may have concerning web app creation or using IE9. Post questions and comments to enhance the experience of all participants.

As technology continues to evolve and expand, web developers and others need to enhance their skills and learn to use this technology to present their content in an easy-to-use way for all types of visitors. Web apps have exploded onto the landscape and have proven very valuable to website users and website developers. Conferences like this one aim to inform, but not overwhelm participants. Cutting through the clutter to present only the most useful and valuable information is the main goal.

Web development has undergone many changes over the years to cater to visitor demand. Creating native applications that visitors recognise allows web developers and others to connect instantly with visitors. This is essential for effective online communication. As technology continues to evolve, the skills learned during this and other online conferences provides the foundation needed to create new an innovative websites to present valuable and informative content to visitors.

Register for the conference to receive links to recommended video content to review before the conference.