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Weeks Camping Outside Apple Store, But No iPhone 5

Robert Shoesmith set up his tent outside the Apple Store in London prepared to camp out for weeks to get his hands on the iPhone 5, now it seems he'll have to make do with the iPhone 4S. The 30-year-old from Coventry is determined to see it through nonetheless and is documenting the experience on his blog (opens in new tab).

Robert Shoesmith, a garbage collector by day and iPhone apps developer and marketer by night as he describes himself, started what has been seen as a free, yet successful PR and Marketing campaign. In recent months he has received support from a large number of companies, such as Cadburys, Skype, Mountain Dew, Domino's Pizza, Innocent, Kleenex, Helly Hansen, Weight Watchers, and Gillette as well as from individuals who heard about his 'experiment'.

Shoesmith's unusual determination seems to have been rewarding for the British Apple fan, having reportedly received donated items and services worth around £40,000 (opens in new tab). Recently, he reported he was invited to watch Tim Cook's announcement on a screen inside the Covent Garden Apple Store. Peaking inside is discouraged with the Apple Store's windows now covered with a large black curtain. Robert Shoesmith is most likely to be the first British person to receive the next-generation iPhone 4S (rather than the iPhone 5 he had hoped for), so his grit might pay off.

The new iPhone 4S will be available on the 14th October.

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