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Windows Azure Online Conference: What to Expect

The Windows Azure online conference is a new series sponsored by UK Tech Days. The goal of this conference is to teach participants the ins and outs of Azure.

For those who attend the Windows Azure online conference, expect an in-depth look at the benefits of Windows Azure and ways to utilise the platform for development purposes. Prior to the online conference, it is recommended that participants review videos and other content provided after reserving a spot. These videos provide background information about cloud computing and Windows Azure that may be important to know during the conference.

Participants will also learn the differences in developing applications for cloud computing and in-house platforms. Differences in SQL and storage, for example, may seem strange to those used to traditional platforms. One of the goals of this conference is to dispel myths and remove an insecurities people have about cloud development.

As technology continues to improve and grow, conferences like this one provide participants with information about how to use new technologies in the best ways possible. Even though cloud computing is relatively new, this technology has gained in popularity quickly. Understanding and using cloud-based platforms like Windows Azure can make working with new technology much easier and more efficient.

Those who attend the online conference do not need prior experience using Windows Azure or in cloud development. The conference provides basic information about developing apps for the platform. Participants are encouraged to ask questions about ways to start a project, coding, how to migrate an application or questions about the platform's architecture.

In addition to presenting information about Windows Azure, session leaders and participants will have the opportunity to discuss the particulars of Azure during an interactive discussion. Writing down questions or comments in advance helps participants focus and ask the types of questions most important to them.

Participants do not have to be professional web developers to attend. Students, those with an avid in technology or those who simply want to learn more about Azure are welcome to attend. The conference is free to attend, so everyone is welcome. With a variety of people attending this conference, the types of questions asked will touch on many areas. This is a good learning opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about Windows Azure and cloud development. Experts will be on hand to answer questions and cultivate new points for discussion during the interactive segment of the conference.

Upon registering for the conference, participants will receive a registration confirmation email that includes links to videos and other materials recommended prior to attending the conference. Participants can download video links for listening at home or in the office. Listening to the information provided on these links is the best way to prepare for the conference.

The Windows Azure online conference will be taught by a local UK team well versed in Microsoft training. Register for the Windows Azure online conference today to download video links, review conference log in information and any other information provided.